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Invest in an interactive, research-based portfolio. Earn rewards for becoming a smarter investor!


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Grow your Nest Egg with Ursa
A curated, interactive portfolio that rewards you for investing!


Become a smarter investor with daily digestible insights and educational content!


Take control and pick vetted stocks in your diversified, research-based portfolio.


Earn rewards as your portfolio grows-making smart investing decisions has perks!

Earn rewards for investing. Check-in daily to earn stock!

See Ursa Rewards program terms for details.


How to Get Started
Start investing with $100, grow it to $500 for the first reward!

Step 1
Portfolio Match

Setup a strategy for your personalized portfolio

Step 2
Open Account

Take 3 minutes to open your investment account

Step 3
Invest Funds

Link your bank and kick it off with a deposit

Step 4
Earn Rewards

Collect rewards as your account grows!

Data Security? Like Fort Knox.

We take security very seriously. We use bank grade security with 256-bit SSL encryption and securely store sensitive data with a SOC 2 compliant third-party secure data expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

We research S&P 500 companies (large U.S. companies) to find high-quality investments we believe will outperform the market over the long-term. Some common characteristics of companies we look for include:

  • Significant growth opportunities
  • Defendable competitive advantages
  • Strong balance sheets
  • High return-on-capital
  • Strong leadership teams
  • Attractive risk/return profile

From our research, we curate our recommended stock list consisting of our top 50 picks diversified across different sectors. We'll guide you to build an equal-weighted, diversified portfolio of 20 stocks selected from our recommended portfolio.

Our minimum balance to get started is just $100. However, you won't qualify for the first reward until your account reaches $500.

However, how much you should invest depends on your own financial position. The general rule of thumb is to invest 110% minus your age in stocks. So based on the rule, if you're 25 years old, 85% (110% - 25) of your net worth should be in stocks. It's up to you how much of that you'd like to invest in Ursa.

Please note Ursa only invests in equity (stocks) and does not offer a complete diversified asset portfolio that includes other assets like fixed income.

To use Ursa, you will be opening a brokerage account with our custodian DriveWealth, LLC. We are both required by law (the U.S. Patriot Act) to collect information to verify your identity. In addition, your account will have gaines/losses that require tax documents to be reported and filed with the IRS.

We securely store your SSN with bank-level security through a third-party secure data storage expert that is SOC 2 compliant. Your social security number is encrypted and never stored on our servers.

To build a portfolio, you need to fund your account from a checking or savings account. We use Plaid to securely authenticate your bank details to enable ACH deposits and withdrawals. Plaid is a market leader in financial data and works with thousands of FinTech companies to facilitate data connections with financial institutions.

We never store your bank credentials nor account numbers on our servers.

We charge a 1% annual AUM fee monthly in arrears. Essentially we charge 1% of your average Ursa account balance for brokerage, custodial, investment advisory and other related services debited from your account at the end of each month. The AUM fee does not include other charges imposed by third-party financial institutions (see Fee Schedule).

Have more questions? Reach out to Ursa Help!

Earn rewards for investing. Check-in daily to for more stock!

See Ursa Rewards program terms for details.